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  • Email address
  • Address (city and country)
  • Mobile phone number
  • Identity card/passport number
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • T-shirt size

This form is required for all athletes. Once the form is successfully submitted, please proceed to the international payment system by clicking below to complete registration. Your registration will not be processed without payment.

  • The categories will be opened with a minimum of 5 participants, otherwise these would happen to the category immediately below or above as appropriate.
  • The posts will be composed of 2 or 3 members of any age, of whom at least one must be female.
  • The athletes must be present in the park in San Francisco Ave. Charles Darwin, the start site of the competition, from 06h30 on Friday October 9 for the recognition of the Transition Zone, location of bicycles, marking arms and caps, recognition of mountain lines, hydration, etc.

You are required to wear the swim camp provided by the organizers. A wetsuit is not required, but is allowed.

Athletes who make the Olympic and Middle Distances must be submitted from 08h30 at the Parc des Artisans Av. Charles Darwin to receive last minute instructions and prepare for the start of the competition at 09h00. The athletes will start their sprint distance competition from the passenger pier San Francisco Park from 10h00.

Competitors who grub in a group that is not theirs will be disqualified from the competition.

Competitors that are ahead of the swim start will receive a warning timeout in the transition to cycling:

  • Sprint: 10 seconds timeout
  • For Olympic Distance: 20 second timeout
  • For Middle Distance: 30 seconds timeout

Swimmers will be directed to the system of buoys:

  • The first 2 buoys with white flags will be used as a general reference.
  • Buoys with yellow flags indicate the route for the Olympic distance competitors.
  • Buoys with orange flags indicate the route for competitors of the Middle Distance.
  • The only buoy green flag indicates the turning point for Sprint distance competitors.

Swimmers may bump background, float or relax playing a floating object (like a boat) if so decided.

If the swimmer needs help, they must request it by extending and waving both arms overhead. Any external help will disqualify the swimmer. Fins, paddles, snorkels or any other floating devices are prohibited.

Maximum time in the water for non-elite competitors:

  • Sprint distances: 30 minutes
  • Olympic Distance: 1 hour 10 m
  • Middle Distance: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • The wheels of the bicycle must be at least 12 rays.
  • No disc wheels are allowed.
  • Rudders bicycle path must have plugs at both ends.
  • The use of properly fastened helmets is mandatory.
  • The use of hearing aids or any other communication device or listening is not allowed.

FOR SAFETY REASONS, DRAFTING IS PROHIBITED. Cyclists must maintain a distance of 5 meters with the runner going forward. The cyclist who is overtaken must 5 meters away and hold your right. The first penalty is a stop and go, where he scored the number of competitor with this competitor is required to notify the input transition area where you will not be allowed to leave for 3 minutes. The no notice of the penalty by the runner will be disqualified after the race finished. The second penalty (stop and go) will be grounds for immediate disqualification.

  • Fastened helmet, shoes and shirt must be worn during the tour.
  • The competition number is mandatory throughout the race and must be in the lower back of the shirt where it is visible. · It is forbidden to fold or cut the number.
  • Use of hard helmet is mandatory for all cycling, including the exit and entrance to the closed park.
  • Is not allowed outside assistance during cycling, this will be grounds for disqualification.
  • Cyclists must wear 2 caramayolas water on your bike, which is enough to complete the journey. It will be 1 water on the road to middle distance runners.
  • Riders must obey any instruction by the official judges and staff the event.
  • All bikes will be reviewed at the entrance to the park closed, it must be in good condition or not be approved for competition. It will only be allowed to use road bikes, triathlon and mountain bike. Tandem bicycles are allowed only for athletes with visual impairments.
  • Any rider competition once completed must personally withdraw implements the park closed from 17h30 to 18h30, time in which the park will be dismantled and the organization is not responsible for abandoned by athletes implements it.

The competition number must be on the front of the lower half of the runner’s top/t-shirt. It must be fully visible throughout the race.

  • It is forbidden to fold or cut the number.
  • It is forbidden to have any kind of outside help.
  • There will be refreshment station every 2.5 kilometers.

Are wetsuits allowed?
Yes, you are welcome but not required to wear a wetsuit.

Are the starts of all distances and categories at the same time?
No, distances and categories either by age or gender are split to start at different times according to the number of participants.

Are there waves?
Swimming routes are planned in areas with swell. The waves depend on ocean conditions, but it is not extremely variable.

Is the bike course flat?
No, because the island is shaped like a volcano, the first kilometers of the bike at all distances are uphill. For the Olympic Distance, it is about 400 meters. For the Sprint Distance, it is about 220 meters. The return of both distances is downhill and very fast.

I can race with a mountain bike?
Yes. However, no specific categories for this type of bicycle will open.

Is drafting/tailgating allowed?
No, drafting is prohibited at all distances to avoid accidents due to the characteristics of the road.

Will there be hydration?
Yes, hydration will be available near the Largada Swimming in the Transition Zone and every 1.6km on the running course. For the bike course, 2 bottles of water it is sufficient.

Is the running course trail or paved?
The foot races are run on asphalt and cobblestone.

Will there be hydration during the run?
Yes there hydration every 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) or so, for all running distances.

Will there be toilets available?
Yes. The bathrooms of some homes and businesses along the way will be available for use by athletes. These will be fully identified with signs.